From Open Mic to Greater Opportunity

How to book paid music gigs and get invited back as a solo artist. Save time building your music opportunities with my proven framework to prioritize your research, create compelling pitches, wow your venue, and build a supportive network without wasting valuable time and energy.
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About This Product:

Anything You Can Dream Can Be Real
Imagine moving from your favorite open mic to venues where you could get paid to do what you love sharing your voice and songwriting!  Your reputation opens doors for you and you know what to do from gig pitch to follow up to increased your likelihood of getting invited back or earning a booking referral.  
Find & book great gigs: 
Stop wasting time and spinning your wheels looking for paid opportunities that compensate you fairly. 

In this workshop, I share a summary of the knowledge I have learned over the past four years of independently booking paid music gigs that feel rewarding and aligned with my sound and style as a solo artist. From local businesses to farm to table dinners, house concerts, secret show bookers, resorts, and the TEDx stage, I have built a path inviting opportunities to fund and support my artistry through my strategic approach to opportunity hunting, pitching, and reputation building. 

This workshop is organized in three focused modules with bonus resources to keep your opportunity research organized for efficient and time saving use.  

Course Modules: 

  1. Smart Opportunity Hunting & Gathering: save time with a framework for prioritizing your venue research.

  2. Creating Compelling Pitches: take out the guesswork of what to send and how to format pitches that excite your dream venues. I'll share a list of bare essentials and a list of future considerations to help you stand out from your peers. 

  3. Get Invited Back: know how to please and wow your venue and build a stellar reputation that gets you invited back and added to recommendation lists of local talent bookers. 

Gain the clarity and confidence to take your songwriting from a hobby to something that could earn money to sustain your growth and musicianship or help pay your bills. 

A Note on Expectations:  
Everyone's artistry and level of commitment to their craft, professionalism and hustle differ. I won't promise that you'll have the exact same results as me simply by simply participating in this workshop. That said, likely would have gone farther, faster if someone offered me these lessons and systems earlier in my journey. Seek growth, work for it, be strategic in your approach, and you should see growth from your efforts.  

Program Details

Soul Searching For Clarity & Confidence
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Hunting: The Strategic Search
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Store It: Build Your Systems to Organize Your Opportunities
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Pitch Necessities
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Pitching 2.0: Stand Out With An EPK
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Deserve Your Second Booking
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Bonus: Creative Compensation & Negotiation Tips
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Darcy Nelson

Darcy Nelson is a digital strategist by trade with over 10 years of experience in marketing, and a songwriter and creator by nature with over four years of performing artist history sharing stories and songs to connect, comfort and amuse.
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